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Lord Otua Blank was a male Belugan who ruled the planet of Quarzite during the Clone Wars. Blank controlled the planet with his elite guard, but was opposed by the Kage Warriors.


Fearing that his unwilling would-be Kage bride Pluma Sodi would be rescued by the Kage, Blank hired a team of bounty hunters led by Boba Fett to protect a large chest carrying the bride. When Asajj Ventress gave the chest to Otua Blank, his guards paid her the bounty. When Otua Blank opened the chest, however, he found a handcuffed and furious Boba Fett, and soon realized he was fooled by Ventress.

Personality and traitsEdit

Otua Blank ruled Quarzite with an iron fist. Otua Blank was also very greedy as a ruler. One classic sign of this was his fat physique. Otua didn't care about anyone or anything but himself. He always wanted things done his way and punished those who refused. Otua showed tyranny when he sent his men out to kidnap Pluma Sodi. He did not even care that Pluma never wanted to marry him in the first place and desired her merely out of lust.

Behind the scenesEdit

Otua Blank was voiced in the Clone Wars television series episode "Bounty" by Ben Diskin, who also voiced Krismo Sodi in the same episode.