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Our Empire's Army was a marching song of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Army. Lieutenant Chiron, an enthusiastic instructor at Lothal's Academy for Young Imperials, would sometimes lead cadets in a rousing rendition of this song during morning runs. The song spoke of the glory the cadets would attain upon claiming their place in the Imperial Army, speaking of many locations to be protected and served in the Empire.[1]

Source:  Servants of the Empire: Imperial JusticeAttribution:  Jason Fry
"From the razor cliffs of Mittoblade

To the fire mounts of Seffi

We will fight our Empire's battles

In space, on land and sea;

We will strive for right and order

And to keep galactic peace

On the day we claim our place

In our Empire's Army.

A salute to you from these cadets

Assembled here to serve

In many a fight we'll show our might

And never lose our nerve.

Oh, we'll lay them low from Old Lettow

To distant Gardaji

Our every story told for the glory

Of our Empire's Army."
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Behind the scenesEdit

"Our Empire's Army" appears as a marching song in Jason Fry's 2015 Servants of the Empire: Imperial Justice. Though no name is given for the song, the song's two verses both end with the phrase "our Empire's Army." The song includes passing mentions of several locations that had otherwise not been mentioned to date in canon, but which previously appeared in Legends sources.

The structure of the song is extremely similar to the real-life "Marines' Hymn." Author Jason Fry stated that he modeled the song after the "Marine's Hymn," with locations pulled from the continuity of Star Wars Legends substituted for real-life locations such as Montezuma and Tripoli.[2]


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