The Outer Rim Communications Center was located on Generis in the Outer Rim Territories and was established by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. It was later used by the New Republic. The facility was commanded by General Kryll, a former Imperial officer turned Rebel and staffed by the Atrivis Communications Group. It was centered at Generis's pole, near a hiridiu crystal deposit.

When Generis was attacked by Grand Admiral Thrawn in 9 ABY, Kryll's forces were quickly overwhelmed. However, he and Captain Pash Cracken were able to arrange the escape of Atrivis sector Commander-in-Chief Travia Chan along with her staff.

The New Republic eventually recovered Generis, and the station back from the Galactic Empire. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, it served as one of the two stations the New Republic used to stay in contact with the Unknown Regions. The Yuuzhan Vong took advantage of this, destroying it. After this, Esfandia remained as the only planet to have contact with the Unknown Regions.[1]



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