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Outpost D-34 was an Imperial checkpoint fixed in orbit around the planet Javin, located in the Javin sector. The main station was a Bengel Shipbuilders XQ1 Platform carrying both TIE/LN starfighters and stormtrooper transports. Navigation buoys several kilometers from the platform marked hyperspace exit points.


Following the Battle of Hoth, D-34 acted as an intercept point to catch fleeing Rebel Alliance starships. Imperial forces worked to pincer Alliance warships into the Javin system in order to launch ambushes from D-34. Maarek Stele was transferred to the outpost shortly before the battle and was instrumental in the capture of many Rebels fleeing Hoth aboard transport vessels that passed by D-34.

The station and its placement was effective enough to draw the ire of the Alliance and local pirates. As the station came under attack Stele defended the platform against a combined force of Rebels and Mugaari pirates. A shuttle carrying Rebel officers was captured during the skirmish.

D-34 was subsequently captured and plundered by the Alliance and Mugaari while Maarek Stele was interdicting a weapons exchange between the Mugaari and the Rebels. During that he was assigned to the frigate Fogger in the Tungra sector. Eventually the Fogger returned to D-34 and the platform was recovered by Imperial forces.



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