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The Overracer was a civilian speeder bike produced by Mobquet Swoops and Speeders that was commonly converted for military use.


Mobquet Swoops and Speeders' Overracer was a 4.4 meter-long speeder bike with an upright seat and forward steering vanes.[2] Little more than an engine with controls,[3] the Overracer could reach speeds of five hundred and thirty kilometers an hour, and had a ground clearance of twenty meters. Overracers seated a single rider, and could carry four kilograms of cargo.[2]

Overracers were armed with a single forward-facing Mk 2/S light blaster cannon,[4] although they could be purchased without a weapon in the mount.[3] New Overracers cost between 8,000[2] and 13,000 credits to buy,[3] between 3,200[2] and 4,500 credits to purchase used. Unarmed Overracers could be bought for 10,000 credits new, and 2,500 used.[3]


The Overracer was a civilian speeder bike utilized by professional speeder racers, and as a scout by military forces without access to proper military equipment, such as insurgencies like the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[3] The Overracer was widely used by the Alliance as a scouting vehicle during the Galactic Civil War. Modifications made to the speeder bikes included stripping non-essential equipment such as high-altitude lifters, civilian stabilizers, and long-range receivers, reducing the bike to little more than an armed engine with a comlink.[1] They were equipped with sound dampers and sensor bafflers to reduce noise emanations and to distort sensor readings attempting to track the bike.[2] The New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar carried six Overraces aboard. These bikes were equipped with comlinks with a maximum range of fifty kilometers.[5]


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