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An Oversector, also called a Priority Sector, was an area of space comprising many sectors or parts of sectors plagued with Rebel activity.


The oversectors were originally created during the Clone Wars by the Sector Governance Decree. The decree gave twenty of the new Moffs responsibility for supporting the Republic's twenty Sector Armies. These Moffs' military territories, the oversectors, matched the Sector Armies' theaters of operations. They crossed the boundaries of the regional sectors and freed their Moffs from having to constantly consult local authorities.[1]

After the Declaration of a New Order, oversectors were reorganized as part of the Imperial militarization recommended by the Tarkin Doctrine. The new oversectors usually contained between two and a dozen sectors. The Grand Moffs were assigned by Palpatine as a military Regional Governors, superseding the authority of Sectorial Governors (Moffs), Planetary Governors, and other local authorities. The Grand Moffs were given direct control over the systems within their Oversectors, and could use practically limitless resources and means to squash Rebel activity therein. Some of the original oversectors remained unchanged (such as the Coruscant Oversector) or were expanded, and several others disappeared: the Greater Seswenna oversector, originally surrounding Eriadu, came to encompass almost the entirety of the Outer Rim Territories, with the exception of elements of the Quelii and Bright Jewel Oversectors.[1]

Oversectors were sometimes known as priority sectors. This term was applied to areas where the Empire was pursuing active military campaigns or special military projects. The Death Star Project was consider as a priority sector.[1]

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