Ovise III was a planet that was located in Moddell sector on the Annaj-Houche Run.


Ovise III was an urban, industrialized world that was dominated by factories of varying types. It was the home of the Tripartite Lines company. The planet's gravity was 1.05 times that found on a standard world such as Coruscant. The length of a day on Ovise III was 26 hours, and a year lasted for 372 local days.


The planet was inhabited as early as 1100 BBY. It was about this time that Zephyrus had equipment outfitters on Ovise III equip the Sickly Tremor with durasteel cages to hold powerful slaves (presumably Phlogs.)

The planet became highly polluted due to the unregulated growth of industry; the New Republic eventually took control of Ovise III when it moved into and occupied the Inner Zuma Region of the galaxy.


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