"This was always a risk. The Empire’s been here on Akiva for years. Not like this, but… they’re here, and we’re gonna have to deal with it."
―Naiucho decides to continue to Akiva's surface despite the blockade[src]

Owerto Naiucho was a male smuggler who was hired to transport Norra Wexley to the planet Akiva shortly after the Battle of Endor. Upon reaching Akiva in his vessel the Moth, Naiucho and Wexley discovered Imperial Star Destroyers blockading the world, but Naiucho refused to give up and headed for the planet's surface. After it was attacked by TIE fighters, Wexley took control of the Moth and piloted it into Akiva's atmosphere with Naiucho manning the guns. There Wexley managed to lose the Imperials and reach the planet's capital Myrra, where the pair parted ways. Naiucho was then killed by a group of stormtroopers on the outskirts of Myrra.


"Norra. You paid me to get you onto the surface of that planet. More important, you ain’t the only cargo I’m bringing in. I’m finishing this job."
―Naiucho refuses to flee from Imperials while delivering Wexley to Akiva[src]

Shortly after the Battle of Endor, the smuggler Naiucho was hired to transport the pilot Norra Wexley in his freighter the Moth to the planet Akiva. Upon arriving in the system, the pair discovered two of the Galactic Empire's Star Destroyers blockading the world, causing Wexley to demand that Naiucho change course and flee. The smuggler refused however, choosing to finish the job Wexley was paying him for and also deliver the rest of his cargo destined for Akiva.[1]

Detecting the Moth's presence, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vigilance released squadrons of TIE fighters to intercept Naiucho's freighter, which the smuggler engaged while he made for Akiva's surface. He was successful in destroying one of the enemy craft, but shouted for his passenger to man the ship's laser cannons. Wexley instead hauled Naiucho from his chair and took over as pilot of the ship, silencing his complaints with a single stare and leaving him to man the turrets instead as the Moth descended into Akiva's atmosphere. The chase continued as the freighter's new pilot led the TIEs into one of Akiva's jungles where Wexley found the rock formation known as the Witch's Finger and flew through a narrow pass located there, leaving her Imperial pursuers to crash as they attempted the same feat. Once safe, the Moth flew to Akiva's capital city Myrra where Naiucho thanked his passenger for intervening and saving him from the Imperials. Wexley then paid him the agreed ten thousand credits for the journey and the pair parted ways, with Naiucho offering to fly Wexley offworld once she had located her son Temmin, but only on the condition she paid the same price and agreed to fly again if they encountered trouble.[1]

Naiucho never had a chance to validate his offer however, as after parting with Wexley the smuggler was killed by a squad of Imperial stormtroopers that boarded the Moth on the outskirts of Myrra, near the Akar Road. Wexley did later seek out the Moth with her son, and after finding Naiucho's corpse tried to persuade Temmin to help her pilot the ship offworld so that they could escape. Not wanting to leave his homeworld, Temmin fled the vessel but returned in a speeder to rescue his mother from the same stormtroopers that had killed Naiucho, as they had returned to the vessel for a second sweep.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I’m man enough to admit that you maybe saved the Moth’s bacon out there."
―Naiucho thanks Wexley for helping him evade the Imperials[src]

The smuggler Owerto Naiucho had crooked teeth and a dark face half covered in a carpet of scars, cratered with old burns. He would provide many different stories as to how he had acquired these scars, with potential origins including lava, a wampa or falling on a hot camping stove while drunk on Corellian rum.

He was extremely confident in he and his vessel's ability to avoid capture or destruction, having named it Moth based on the fact that moths are difficult to catch with your hands. When faced with a blockade consisting of two Imperial Star Destroyers, he refused to back down and pushed forward with a grin and a half-mad gleam in his eye that caused Wexley to believe he enjoyed the risk. He initially objected to Wexley replacing him as pilot, but quickly backed down on the matter and later thanked her for saving his life and his ship, complimenting her piloting abilities.[1]


"You ever try to catch a moth? Cup your hands, chase after it, catch it? White moth, brown moth, any moth at all? You can’t do it. They always get away. Herky-jerky up-and-down left-and-right. Like a puppet dancing on somebody's strings. That’s me. That’s this ship."
―Naiucho explains were his ship's name comes from[src]

Naiucho piloted a small MK-4 freighter from the planet Corellia called Moth. On the scarred side of his face, the smuggler's eye was replaced by a cybernetic eye consisting of a red lens in a poorly fitted O-frame bolted onto his skin.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Owerto Naiucho was created by author Chuck Wendig for the novel Aftermath, which was released in 2015.


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