"Your flying skills remind me of a one winged Mynock!"
―Owpa Awoz[src]

Owpa Awoz was a captain of the Hidden Daggers, a pirate organization in the Corellian system at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

Mori was a skilled pilot, last seen flying a X-wing starfighter. He wore red and black colored R.I.S. armor.

When the Hidden Daggers attacked more and more freighters and even CorSec pilots in the Corellian system in 1 ABY, CorSec Sergeant Rhea ordered one of his pilots to take out their leaders. The pilot destroyed several Hidden Daggers starfighters until the pirates decided to send their best pilots to bring the CorSec pilot down. The first three Hidden Daggers captains to attack were Russ Grimblade, Xopw Laow and Mori the Bastard, but they were shot down and killed. Awoz was the last leader of the Hidden Daggers to engage the CorSec pilot. His X-wing was destroyed in the dogfight and he was killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Owpa Awoz appears in one of the duty missions for CorSec pilots in Star Wars Galaxies, available from Sergeant Rhea in Coronet. After killing several waves of pirates, one of the pirate leaders spawns and has to be killed by the player. Russ Grimblade is the first of these leaders, followed by Xopw Laow, Mori the Bastard and Owpa Awoz.