The Owr'apa was a predator native to the planet of Yvara in the Kathol Rift. A large feline creature, the Owr'apa was also amphibious, using nostrils on a snorkel-horn that allowed them to swim beneath the surface of the water for long periods of time. Powerful legs allowed the creature to jump twelve meters. The average adult was between 1.5 to 2 meters long, and stood 0.9 meters at the shoulder. The main prey of the Owr'apa was the zeebuck, which they stalked on the fungal plains of the planet.

Highly territorial, Owr'apa tended to stay submerged in water holes, waiting for zeebuck herds. When its prey was close, the predator would use its jumping ability to surprise its target, then kill them with its sharp claws.