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"Got another mission sir?"
"You bet. We're making a medical supply run to Ord Cestus."
―Ox, to Trap[src]

"Ox" was the nickname of a clone trooper who served in Tango Company.


Ox, along with the rest of Tango Company that served on Geonosis, was afterword sent on a medical supply run to Ord Cestus. On board the Republic supply ship under the command of Jedi Commanders Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee, he was infected with one of the Geonosian brain worms that had stowed aboard the ship and was subsequently mind-controlled and forced to attack the clone trooper pilots on the bridge. He then went on to attack the Jedi in the mess hall with the help of fellow clone Edge, but was knocked unconscious. Ox, along with the rest of the ships crew were finally sterilized when Ahsoka ruptured the cooling tanks.


Ox carried a DC-15A blaster rifle and a DC-15S carbine. He was also featured wearing a back pack. He wore Phase I clone trooper armor that had blue markings and bore a striped sigil on his armored shoulder plates that resembled a stylized tiger face. Ox had his black hair combed back, making him stand out from his comrades.