This article is about the smuggler. You may be looking for Ozzik Sturn.
"The Voidwolf's been using a powerful Planetary Sensor Station to "tag" any ships leaving Quesh's surface. Then his fleet homes in and "boom"."

Ozzik was a Human male smuggler, a captain of his own ship and a Galactic Republic privateer during the Galactic War. In 3642 BBY his and Beryl Thorne's supply fleet got grounded on Quesh by the Voidwolf and Ozzik called a fellow privateer Voidhound for help. After meeting the fellow captain, Ozzik explained that the ships were prevented from leaving by the Planetary Sensor Station and asked the Voidhound to sabotage it. The operation was successful and Ozzik's fleet was able to depart from Quesh.


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