P2 was one of three Hammerhead corvettes that was sent by Senator Bail Organa to reinforce Phoenix Squadron, a rebel unit led by Commander Jun Sato.[1] Easily identified by its red markings,[4] P2 and its sister ships P1 and P3 arrived to the planet Lothal under the leadership of Princeess Leia Organa disguised as ships partaking in a relief mission for the battered Lothal citizenry. The Galactic Empire, who was in control of the planet, suspected a possible rebel theft, however, and attempted to lock the ships down. Despite their efforts, the rebel Spectres group managed to hijack P2 and the other corvettes and bring them back to Phoenix Squadron. P2 flew with the Phoenix Squadron fleet on a number of occasions, and provided support when necessary. During the year 2 BBY, P2 participated in a battle that took place over the planet Atollon, where it was engaged with Imperial forces led by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Along with many rebel and Imperial ships, P2 was destroyed in the conflict.[2]

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