P3-NUT was a R2-series astromech droid in the service of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.

The droid, owing to its name, had the top half of its head colored blue, the sides of its head having peach circles, with a toothy mouth painted on the area where the head and main body meet, as well as its main body possessing red with a gold belt and white front tassle designs, and its legs being red and possessing gold pauldron-like designs at the top and blue boot-like designs at the bottom. The overall design slightly resembled a military uniform.

It was utilized during Life Day events during the Clone Wars, where it aided in supplying treats.

Behind the scenesEdit

P3-NUT was a droid purchasable in the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures video game to support the Child's Play Charity Drive. For each P3-NUT purchased from Dec. 21 through Dec. 31, SOE would donate $10 to the charity. This droid was only purchasable through Christmas time. It was later replaced in this role with R2-KT, although P3-NUT itself was still available for purchase. The name of the droid as well as its design was an obvious reference to The Nutcracker Suite. When used in combat, it supplies a Speed Up boost.