The PL-90 luxury speeder was a large Ubrikkian airspeeder designed for wealthy individuals and their entourages. It was one of the most popular speeders on the market among the upper class during the days of the Galactic Republic.


The PL-90 was designed to be the ultimate in comfort, and had a price tag to match. It had four rows of seats including three bench seats, all padded, and single seats for the driver and a passenger in the front row. It also boasted state of the art inertial dampening technology proving a smooth and easy ride for its passengers. The PL-90 sacrificed speed in favor of comfort.



Lucien Draay's speeder.

Unlike other speeders of the time, the PL-90 was never designed for any sort of military use, lacking the speed necessary for combat applications. It was instead favored by wealthy nobles and politicians. For this reason it lacked the widespread appeal of several other faster, less oppulant speeders and swoops.

The prominent Draay family owned several PL-90 luxury speeders for use at their estate on Coruscant. Lucien Draay used one to transport the First WatchCircle around the city-planet.



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