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Pa'lowicks were a sentient species of long-limbed reptilian humanoids that had spotted skin, eyes that protruded from the tops of their heads, and trunk-like mouths. Sy Snootles, the lead singer of the Max Rebo Band, was a Pa'lowick.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Pa'lowick's were a species of reptilian humanoids. Their most distinctive feature was their long, trunk-like[2] snout that ended with a pair of large pair of lips.[4] Pa'lowicks had four[1] long, thin limbs[2] attached their rounded body, whose skin colored yellow and covered in blue spots.[1] A pair of bulbous[4] blue[1] eyes protruded from their head, right above their snout.[2] Instead of a heart,[5] Pa'lowicks had an organ known as a fluid sac.[6]

Pa'lowicks in the galaxyEdit

Sy Snootles, a Pa'lowick from Lowick, was a popular singer and part-time bounty hunter,[7] though in secret she worked as a spy for the Hutt Clan.[3] She later chose to focus on her singing career and helped form the Max Rebo Band,[7] becoming its lead singer.[2] Another Pa'lowack worked as an announcer for the illegal Gladiator Night sporting event held at Monad Outpost on the planet Lothal.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Pa'lowicks first appeared in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.[1]



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