Paak was a male Human who was a member of the Anti-Republic Liberation Front which formed on Serenno following the end of the New Sith Wars.


A Human living on Serenno in the years following the passage of the Ruusan Reformations in the Galactic Senate, Paak was distinguished by his green and purple facial tattoos. When Paak joined the Anti-Republic Liberation Front, Paak was stationed as a guard at the underground base of the organization and was wary of a newcomer named Rainah. He and fellow member Kelad'den did not see eye to eye on the views held by the Front. After a failed abducting attempt on former Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum, Paak and his comrade Cyndra fled the base.[2]

Later, after regrouping at coordinates provided by their leader Hetton, Paak and Cyndra escorted Rainah to meet with Hetton. During the meeting, after Cyndra was driven insane by sorcery produced by Rainah, who was revealed to be Darth Zannah, Paak attempted to kill the newcomer as he fired his blaster at her, but the Sith Lord deflected his shot back towards him, which immediately killed him.[2]



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