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During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire waged a pacification campaign on the planet Meastrinnar. During the campaign, the Imperial Security Bureau intercepted a transmission that placed an Alliance intelligence cell in the city of Vondrel. Acting on the intelligence, a stormtrooper unit led by Vin Northal, a member of the Royal Guard undergoing his customary duty rotation to a front-line combat unit, stormed a structure and neutralized all occupants. However, the ISB had decoded the transmission incorrectly and the cell was located in the sister city of Vondrol. Northal's unit had stormed an orphanage and massacred the children inside. Instead of admitting their mistake, Northal's superiors and the media portrayed the mission as a military victory. Conflicted over his feelings regarding the deaths of the children, Vin Northal defected to the Alliance.