Pagda Gevtes' personal walker

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Pagda Gevtes' personal walker was a walker used by the Devisors.


Like much of Exocron's technology, it was a design that had been obsolete for decades in much of the galaxy. However, despite its appearance, it was armed with a powerful blaster cannon, a type of technology that the Devisors had forbade the populace of the planet to possess.[1]


During the Invasion of the Ministry of Technology in 8 ABY, Pagda Gevtes used the personal walker to engage New Republic forces attempting to rescue Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum. Gevtes was temporarily blinded by a flash pistol, and the walker was lured to a stairwell. Gevtes failed to negotiate the stairwell, and the walker rolled down it, crashing at the bottom and trapping the Devisor.



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