Pakuuni was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories near Munto Codru in the Codru system, Argoon in the Newland system, and the Crseih system.


The planet was a haven for pirates and outlaws, as well as having been a member world of Xim's empire.

Thrawn tried to bring order by establishing outpost NL-1 in the Pakuuni system prior to the Battle of Endor.[2]

The system was still under Imperial control during the time of the Thrawn campaign.[3]

Sometime after the death of Thrawn the planet came under control of the New Republic. The New Republic later moved Crseih Station to the Pakuuni system, after the Codru-Ji refused to allow the station to continue orbiting Munto Codru.

The planet experienced a solar eclipse every seventy-six years. According to legend, this revealed a hidden tomb of the first settler, which may have had hidden treasures.[4]

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