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Pala Kwi'teksa was a female Twi'lek slave and a student of Madame Vansitt's Charm Academy on Tatooine.


At the Charm Academy, Kwi'teksa was trained in the arts of etiquette and formality, as well as espionage and assassination. She became friends with Anakin Skywalker and Kitster Chanchani Banai at an early age.[1]

In 32 BBY, Kwi'teksa was sold to Tantos, a pirate who was interested in using her as a spy. At the same time, Sebulba arrived on Tatooine to take part in a podrace. Additionally, he had brought with him several young Ghostlings that he planned to sell to Gardulla.[2]

Kwi'teksa and her friends freed the children and tried to transport them to safety. However, a group of trackers including Sebulba, Khiss, Djas Puhr and Gondry, pursued them. Kwi'teksa and the children were eventually chased through Gardulla's gardens. Although Khiss was killed, they were captured and sentenced to death by Gardulla.[2][3]

Due to the efforts of Dorn and Jira, the children managed to escape and Pala Kwi'teksa and the ghostlings escaped the planet.[3]


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