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The Palace Dragon Room was a holding pen located in the Government House on the moon Sulon that held a large kell dragon. During the year 5 ABY, the fledgling Jedi Kyle Katarn infiltrated the tower, fighting the forces of the Galactic Empire as he went. Katarn eventually discovered the room, and upon entering it the kell dragon was released. After a duel, the beast was killed by Kyle Katarn. The room was made up of gray walls and pillars, and had large windows on two of the walls. The kell dragon was kept in a small room protected by a large sliding door. The room could be accessed via a turbolift.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Palace Dragon Room first appeared in the 1997 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. THe location went unnamed in the game, but was identified in the game's strategy guide, which was written by Rick Barba.



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