2x04 latara palanquin

Teebo and Wicket, carrying "Princess" Latara's palanquin.

"This is the only way to travel!"
―"Princess" Latara on her palanquin[src]

A palanquin was a vehicle that could be used to transport deities, royal authorities and other kinds of leaders.

The Ewok tribe of Bright Tree Village had a palanquin. It was a throne that an Ewok could use to sit down while other two Ewoks freights it. At some point, Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka allowed Latara the title of Princess for only one day, in order to convince her that an Ewok princess had a life of chores, not of privileges.[1]

Kneesaa commissioned her friends Wicket Wystri Warrick and Teebo to be the loyal servants for "Princess" Latara. But the "second princess" showed little care for Wicket and Teebo, the "peasant" servants who carried her throne around the village, under her orders.[1]

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This palanquin was showed only during the TV series' episode Princess Latara.


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