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Paloma was the sole planet in the Paloma system, near the Kathol sector. It didn't have any important resources nor strategic value.

Arid and sand-ridden, the planet didn't have much to offer. It was governed by a Council, essentially constitued by Fibra-Bot's shareholders, but it relied entirely on OPA, an administrative droid which served as governor. Thus, the entire system, from police to administration and judicial power, was run by droids.

The planet was ruled by strict, incomprehensible laws, highly unfavorable for strangers. Around half of the population was visitors whose properties were confiscated by the droids and forced to stay there, having no means to leave the planet

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Paloma was described by Philippe Tessier for an ambiguously canon roleplaying scenario which appeared in the French magazine Backstab 07.


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  1. This can be deduced from its position relative to the Kathol sector.
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