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Sometime after the Clone Wars, Emperor Palpatine owned a heavily-modified Sienar Fleet Systems Star Courier—also known as a Sith Infiltrator, similar to the one he gave his apprentice Darth Maul some fifteen years earlier. He stored the ship in the Crypt, his secret personal hangar on Coruscant. After being infected by the necrotic virus Aorth-6, Palpatine was temporarily taken to the Crypt and secured aboard the ship to recover. The infiltrator was equipped with a stasis chamber and a 2-1B surgical droid, both of which were used to prolong the Emperor's life. However, Trachta was later forced to destroy the latter after Gentis sent in a signal that reprogrammed all droids to target Imperial officers loyal to Palpatine. The Sith Infiltrator was later used to transport Palpatine to the Prism.


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