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"How utterly romantic and human."
―Hego Damask to Cosinga Palpatine, regarding his grandfather[src]

Palpatine had a great-grandfather who was a member of the House Palpatine. The Human male lived more than a century before the Battle of Yavin.


The Human male great grandfather of Palpatine lived more than a century before the Battle of Yavin. According to Cosinga Palpatine, the father of Palpatine, Palpatine's great grandfather was a member of the House Palpatine who, around 135 BBY,[1] learned that the most recent Gungan war on Naboo had been manipulated by Houses Tapalo and Veruna. He challenged Bon Tapalo's father to a duel of honor, and eventually succumbed to his injuries at Tapalo's blade.[1]


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