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Palpatine Essex Yerac, more commonly known as P. Essex Yerac, was a Rebel Alliance Lieutenant Colonel who shared his first name with the hated Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire. Due to this coincidence, he commonly abbreviated his first name as "P."


Yerac fought in the Battle of Archais, probably as a member of Midnight Squadron from Eclipse Team. During the battle, with the Rebel units trapped by the Assassin's Guild and by Lieutenant Colonel Freja Covell's forces, Rebel officer Mosara Thiirn deserted, which led to an increasingly bad situation for the Rebels. Many Rebels died in the battle because of Thiirn's treason. Yerac's hatred towards Thiirn was well-known; General Airen Cracken feared for her life should he ever find her.

Yerac also tracked independent bounty hunters through the fog banks of Hewl's Karap Valley. Suddenly, two red eyes appeared from the fog itself and it asked him to keep his distance. Yerac obeyed, but he identified the "eyes" as Filar-Nitzan spy Vacander. Yerac eventually tried to write a report on Vacander for the Task Force on Alliance Security, but he could not find very much information.


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