"Have you ever seen the holopainting of our beloved Emperor with his hand held high, receiving the adulation of a huge crowd? Yes, that's right, Palpatine Triumphant. That was mine. It made me famous on Coruscant."
―Venthan Chassu[src]

Palpatine Triumphant was the last piece of art made by Venthan Chassu before his death. It depicted a glorified, maniacal Palpatine sitting on a throne made out of the cracked bones of various species.

Even Chassu's biggest admirers were unable to discern what meaning, if any, it had.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, Venthan Chassu presents a rather different description of Palpatine Triumphant. In the game, Chassu states that Palpatine Triumphant was a holopainting of Palpatine with his hand held high, receiving the adulation of a huge crowd. Therefore, it is not entirely clear which description is more accurate. However, it is possible that both descriptions could harmoniously blend together.


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