Pamarthe was an Outer Rim planet that was home to the human culture known as the Pamarthens, who were known for being excellent pilots, as well as for their courage and gusto. Pamarthen pilots were often recruited by neighboring worlds for racing or for military service, and in the early days of the Galactic Empire many flocked to join the Imperial Navy, as they did not understand the Galactic Republic's decision to use clone soldiers and were eager for new battles. However, after the destruction of Alderaan—which most Pamarthens saw as a foul act of cowardice—hundreds deserted to join the Rebel Alliance. Pamarthe was covered by a massive ocean dotted by rugged islands, connected by stone, wood or rope bridges and a fleet of small watercraft.[1]

Pamarthen cuisine was noted for being particularly pungent, even by Galactic standards. Their quintessential intoxicant, the high-octane alcoholic beverage Port in a Storm, was renowned for its extraordinary potency - the few non-native Pamarthens who dared to try it were typically left temporarily incapacitated from even just a small drink.[1]

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