"We have the source, Magister, Panoply Orbital Facility."
"Rendezvous with the rest of your team and execute the assault."
―A Sun Guard and Hego Damask[src]

The Panoply Orbital Facility was a space station that orbited the planet Coruscant during the latter years of the Galactic Republic. In 52 BBY, the Gran Senator Pax Teem sent agents of Santhe Security to capture Senator Palpatine, an allie of Teem's rival Magister Hego Damask. Teem allowed a decoy signal from him to be traced by Damask's Sun Guards, to trick them into believing that Teem was on the Panoply Orbital Facility, and Damask dispatched the bulk of his Guards to attack the station. Teem was in fact on Coruscant proper, and the deception allowed the Gran to stage an attempt on Damask's life.