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The Pantoran Assembly was the government of the Pantorans, who lived on Pantora, the moon of Orto Plutonia.


It was a democratic government of elected officials and was in turn presided over by the elected chairman. During the first year of the Clone Wars, Pantoran Assembly was forced to declare their Chairman Chi Cho out of order when he started a war with the Talz, whose settlements were discovered on Orto Plutonia. After Cho's death during the conflict, Notluwiski Papanoida, a Pantoran baron, became the new chairman.

Known posts included chairman and speaker of the assembly. They wielded the overwhelming power in regards to Pantora and Pantoran affairs, and were able to relegate power to their Senator Chuchi over that of the chairmen, acting essentially as a check on his power. They were capable of decisive decision making and chose peace over violence, preferring negotiation over open warfare with the Talz.



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