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"Whitefangs are unrivaled predators—exceedingly fast and deadly. We've lost more scouts to them than to the enemy."
―Kinto Symms[src]

Pantran whitefangs, also known as Ice Cats, were a non-sentient feline species native to the planet of Hoth. They had the characteristic of having their bodies composed for the mostly of muscles. These felines did not store any fat, and consequently had to constantly be on the hunt. On Hoth they were the only creatures capable of matching the speed of a tauntaun, making them their only "active" predator.

During the Cold War, some crime lords tried to capture wild whitefangs in order to train them as guard animals, but these experiments always ended with the death of both the trainers and the beasts. On the other hand, these crime lords had a lot of profit with the underground arenas, where they let the felines duel to death.



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