This article is about the cantina on Zeltros. You may be looking for the cantina on Bador, or the lounge in Cloud City.
"Love the new digs, kwee-kunee."
Cade Skywalker[src]

Paradise was a luxurious cantina located on the planet Zeltros, owned by the wealthy Hutt known as Queen Jool.


"Got more than enough creds to expand business, and what better place than Zeltros? One thing Zeltrons know how to do, it's party! And Zeltron men are so pretty..."
Queen Jool[src]

Jool was obtaining more profits thanks to the scarceness of legal supplies during the Second Imperial Civil War and had decided to expand her business, starting with Zeltros. A number of attractive Zeltron males and females became frequent patrons of the cantina, as did Jool herself.

True to its name, the cantina consisted of a lush oasis. It was very large, with abundant natural vegetation, and a number of several story-high waterfalls that poured more water in. While Zeltrons and a number of other species could dive off them, it was considered too high to be safe for the average Human. Nevertheless, Cade Skywalker and Jariah Syn jumped off it, with Cade using the Force to slow them down. Skywalker later remarked that his Master, Wolf Sazen, would kill him if he saw him using the Force for thrill seeking.

The pirate Rav, an associate of Skywalker, his crew, and Jool arrived with some henchmen while they were partying. Jool told Cade that while she loved him, his rowdiness in her cantinas were becoming costly, and asked him to keep the damages to a minimum. He obliged, knocking them out by throwing one henchman off the waterfall and chopping the other in the neck in a pool. Rav then offered Cade and his crew a mission on Wayland for one million credits.


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