Paragon was a massive floating city on the gas giant of Tyed Kant. It housed 90 percent of the population, and the administrative center of the planet.


Paragon was laid out in a disk, with skyscrapers towering above, and power complexes, repulsor supports, and stabilizing fins stretching far below. Although Paragon was in Tyed Kant's habitable zone, where the air was breathable, the gas giant was also a breeding ground for bacteria, thus making full enviro-suits a necessity. A deflector shield completely covers the Freemarket and Metropolis, protecting the atmosphere and allowing citizens to travel within the city unrestrained.

The outer edge of the Paragon disk featured well-organized starport facilities staffed with top-of-the-line technical droids owned by the city. As a result repairs were often significantly faster than elsewhere, although they were also more expensive. Just inside the outer edge was the Freemarket, a wide street in a five-kilometer-diameter ring containing warehouses, merchant offices, banks, public-access computer networks, and every kind of high-class scam imaginable.

Within the Freemarket was the Metropolis itself, a teaming city. Life here was expensive, around triple the galactic standard for everything except food, which was produced in abundance on-planet.


When nearby Demophon's sun began to go supernova, Overseer Xun Garret sent most official Imperial troops to assist with the evacuation, but order was still maintained thanks to Paragon's many private security forces. Overseer Garret also passed laws banning energy weapons on Tyed Kant, and he made their exclusion a top priority. Because of this it is practically impossible to buy an energy weapon in Paragon, even on the black market.[1]


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