Parco Ein was a former Human male Colonel who served in the Imperial Army until he became the Imperial governor of the planet Verkuyl during the Galactic Civil War.


During the Imperial occupation of Verkuyl, Ein put out an advertisement inviting corporations to present their plans for the construction of a bacta refinement facility. He did this in order quell the rebellious labor force that refused to work for the Empire. He was considered a generous, even lavish host, as was evidenced during a reception in the Verkuylian Imperial Governor's Hall held for the companies that came to build the new bacta refining plant. He had been informed of a New Republic Intelligence team on the planet by Daven Quarle and had him stall Selby Jarrad with a fake order of imposed satellite silence. The order failed, when Selby overheard his conversation with Quarle using an earsculpt listening device. This resulted in Jarrad shooting Quarle and bringing a New Republic fleet to Verkuyl, liberating the planet.