Pari Bunkle was a female human who worked in the Galactic Empire's Ministry of Agriculture on the planet Lothal. She had a child named Ames Bunkle with another researcher at the Ministry, and the family lived in an apartment in Lothal's Capital City. When Ames was sixteen he enrolled in the planet's Academy for Young Imperials along with Dhara Leonis, a girl who lived in the same apartment building. The Leonis family threw a party for their daughter, but Pari and her partner were unable to attend as they were on assignment. While at the academy, Ames was chosen to specialise in stormtrooper training, and during the course was not allowed contact with his parents, a fact which Pari told Dhara's mother Tepha Leonis told her family. When Pari fell ill however, Ames was given two days leave to visit her.[1]

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Pari Bunkle was first mentioned in Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy, a novel by Jason Fry released in 2014.


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