"It was always a when with Parja, never an if."
―Fi Skirata[src]

Parja Bralor was a female Human Mandalorian who was the niece of former Cuy'val Dar Rav Bralor. She was a talented engineer and loved to fix things, from a broken chrono to a sick Nuna chick. She owned a successful workshop on Mandalore and was eventually responsible for the maintenance of all the machinery at Kyrimorut, the Skirata clan's home.


When clone commando Fi Skirata was brought to Mandalore following brain damage sustained at the battle of Gaftikar, she took on the job of nursing Fi back to health - caring for him, giving him physical therapy, and eventually falling in love with him. Parja was endlessly patient with Fi's loss of memory and coordination and was fiercely protective of him even after he regained some mobility and speech. Fi and Parja were married in a traditional Mandalorian wedding ceremony 998 days after the battle of Geonosis with Parja wearing her workshop overalls and Fi wearing Mandalorian armor. The wedding - which took less than a minute - occurred right before Fi, now mostly recovered, left on a mission to Coruscant with ARC trooper deserters Sull, Spar and former Jedi General Bardan Jusik.

When Clan Skirata deserted from the Grand Army of the Republic after Order 66, she lived there with them in Kyrimorut.

Parja wore armor of a deep scarlet color. Her chestnut braids were often tied with copper beads. Her name is derived from the Mandalorian word "parjiir" meaning "victory".

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