Parnassos was a desolate planet located in the galaxy that was the homeworld of Phasma. Whilst on a mission to recruit the greatest warriors in the galaxy, a First Order ship was shot down onto the planet by an automated defense system.[1]


Parnassos was a planet that was once a lush and enjoyable world, at least as portrayed by Con Star Mining Corporation in their advertising and training programs. It had mountains, greenery and crystal blue oceans. The oceans were so clear that the sandy bottoms were visible. There were also valleys that were rich in greenery and natures bounty. However, following the planet's devastation, the planet underwent a dramatic change in environment. The oceans became dark, cold, forbidding and teeming with hungry beasts. Much of the greenery was turned into a large desert with purple sand. The Scyre territory, from which Phasma came, had black spires of rock along with caves and cliffs which was near other mountains and a plateau that the Claw territory was located on. There were still areas of the planet that had grasslands, forests, and perhaps even some cities. However, due to the environmental disaster, the oceans continued to get higher and acid rain was also a common occurrence.[1]

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When asked about her description of Parnassos during an interview with, Phasma author Delilah S. Dawson described Parnassos as the Earth after a nuclear disaster, where the rain is poison, the food-animals are dead, and the land is barren and rocky, with an angry ocean esque-Mad Max: Fury Road, a 2015 film which inspired Dawson during the writing of Phasma.[2]



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