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Cannon go boom

A particle cannon turret.

The particle cannon turret was a type of turret used by many governments and organizations. It was a heavy ground weapon with a great amount of firepower and a fair amount of splash damage.


It was used at the Battle of Mygeeto. The 501st Legion destroyed two of them to clear a path for Ki-Adi-Mundi. They were also used during the Battle of Felucia as the Separatists' primary defenses, until they were destroyed by clone heavy troopers, and an AT-TE. The Particle cannon turret was also on Naboo during the Imperial invasion. Particle cannon turrets were also found on many capital ships, including Venator-class Star Destroyers, Imperial I-class Star Destroyers, Imperial II-class Star Destroyers, Mon Calamari cruisers and Providence-class carrier/destroyers and ground units such as AT-ATs, T4-B heavy tank, AATs and many more. In the Battle of Hoth, while defending the ion cannon crew, Renegade Squadron was commanded to build a particle cannon turret to destroy an AT-AT while using the power generator of a crashed LAAT/i as a power source.


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