Parton was a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic holding the rank of yeoman.


In 3 ABY, Yeoman Parton was present when the Rebel Alliance concealed the fleet within the chromosphere of the star, Arbran by way of five Kerts-Bhrg generators. Parton accompanied Princess Leia back to the Salvation base on the planet, Arbra, aboard a shuttle. Per Leia's orders, Parton attempted to send a comm message to the Millennium Falcon to recall Luke Skywalker to assist when an accident left the crew of the main Kerts-Bhrg generator unconscious. Skywalker could not be reached, but disaster was nonetheless averted.

Yeoman Parton was a young female Human with brown hair.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Parton was created by Marvel Comics writer, David Michelinie. While the character is only referred to as "Yeoman" in dialogue, her name can be seen on a tag on the front of her uniform.