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"He's a Parwan. His blood can take the electrolytic serum."
―"Rako Hardeen," on Derrown[src]

Parwans were a sentient species[1] native to Parwa.[7] During the Clone Wars, the Parwan Derrown was considered one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy.[3]

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Behind the scenesEdit


The piece of concept art the Parwan species was based off of

"Derrown's design stems back to a piece of artwork done by Ron Cobb for an odd and colorful cantina alien for Episode IV that was never created. The original piece describes the alien as a tropical, ambulatory plant, while the final alien is more of a sentient gasbag."
―The Box Trivia Gallery[src]

The Parwan species first appeared in "The Box," the seventeenth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' fourth season,[3] which originally aired on February 3, 2012.[9] Its design was based upon an unused cantina alien developed by Ron Cobb for Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[1]



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