Pash Galae was a young and overconfident Human male who spent his childhood on the planet of Utrost, near to Coruscant.


He secretly harbored a growing hatred for the Galactic Empire and its corruption. Galae went on to become a HoloNet slicer, able to embarrass any Imperial organization simply by hacking into its systems.

At the age of sixteen, he joined the Rebel Alliance. He infiltrated the educational system on Anaxes in order to assist in Admiral Arhul Holt's defection.

Galae was quarrelsome and proud, and had a habit of underestimating people, since he struggled to believe that anyone else could do things right. He wore the disguise of an Imperial Navy Cadet, and always carried his security kit and blaster pistol with him. He could speak Huttese and Basic, understand Shyriiwook and read and write binary.


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