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Passel Argente was a male Koorivar who was the Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance[4] and a member of the Galactic Senate representing his homeworld, Kooriva, in the final days of the Galactic Republic. Following the departure of Count Dooku from the ranks of the Jedi Order, Argente introduced Eriadu Governor Wilhuff Tarkin to the former Jedi Master on Coruscant.[1]

At the height of a protracted Separatist crisis, Argente met with Dooku and other corporate heads on Geonosis to discuss a treaty proposed by the Count. Dooku was rallying forces to join his cause to create a Confederacy of Independent Systems and had not yet garnered the support of the Corporate Alliance.[3] Joining the Confederacy during the Clone Wars, Argente became a member of the Separatist Council and was among its number when it was based on Utapau near the end of the war. Sent to Mustafar by General Grievous, Argente was stationed in the control room when Darth Sidious informed the Council that his new apprentice, Darth Vader was on his way to take care of them. Once Vader entered the control room, he proceeded to slaughter every member of the Council; Argente and his fellow Council members were defenseless as the Sith Lord killed them all with his lightsaber.[2]

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