A passenger freighter was a class of starship designed and manufactured largely for the mass transportation of sentient passengers.


Around 4000 BBY, a 400 meter-long Corellia StarDrive Alpha-class heavy transport called the Sun Runner was used as a passenger freighter by the Margrave Octan of the Darpa sector to transport his family and 867 colonists to the Fondor moon of Nallastia, in the Tapani sector.[1]

Around the time of the Galactic Empire, the Procurator of Justice Lord Hethrir had a fleet of such freighters constructed for the use of storing his enemies in suspended animation including the remnants of his own people after he collaborated with the Empire to destroy their homeworld.

Hethrir believed that both he and the Empire would last a thousand years. Thus, after a thousand years, Hethrir planned to return to those freighters and awake their prisoners from their sleep, in the hopes that they would remember him as an all-powerful god whom they had to obey.



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