Paul Warren is a British actor and creature performer who played Varmik in Star Wars: The Force Awakens[1] and a Dowager alien in Star Wars: The Last Jedi[2]. He is credited on both film as a 'creature and droid puppeteer'.

Strono no mask

Paul Warren (Varmik) and Aidan Cook (Strono Tuggs) Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens rehearsals.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. TwitterLogo @paulRwarren (Paul Warren) on Twitter "The creature I play in #The Force Awakens is called Varmik. He is a new species (Hassk) based on classic McQuarrie art."
  2. TwitterLogo @paulRwarren (Paul Warren) on Twitter "The #CantoBight dowager alien I play in #StarWars #TheLastJedi ( holding #SpaceGary ). I feel so very lucky & privileged to work once again with all the amazing people at Neal Scanlan's creature shop to bring her to life."