Pauline Rennie is a Canadian actress whose career included voice roles on The Care Bears. Rennie also provided the voice of Fizgerald Fieldmouse on Maggie Muggins, as well as voices on Mary Grannan's follow-up 1960 series for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Just Mary. She also provided the voice for Kaink on Star Wars: Ewoks.


  • Maggie Muggins (1955)
  • Just Mary (1960)
  • The Care Bears Movie (1985) - Grams Bear, Cozy Heart Penguin, Treat Heart Pig
  • Star Wars: Ewoks (1985-1986)
  • Popples (1986) - Pancake
  • The Raccoons (1987) - Aunt Gertie
  • The Care Bears (1986-1988) - Grams Bear, Cozy Heart Penguin, Treat Heart Pig

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