Pav D'armon was a member of the Mistryl Shadow Guard team involved in the Hammertong incident in 0 BBY.


Shada D'ukal considered Pav to be chatty on the comm, but she was the Mistryl detailed to watch the gates of the Hammertong base when Dr. Kellering took Team Prime Manda D'ulin to talk with project head Dr. Eloy. After Kellering's groundcar was ambushed at the gates, the Stormtroopers turned on Pav, and quickly gunned her down.

It seems almost certain that both Manda D'ulin and Pav D'armon were killed in the attack, but the ambush prompted Shada and the rest of the team to launch an unplanned but very effective counterattack, determined to show the Empire that Mistryl could not be simply shot in cold blood.



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