The Peace Vote, called the Appeasement Vote by its detractors, was proposed by Senator Viqi Shesh in 26 ABY. It would have outlawed the New Jedi Order, allowing the Yuuzhan Vong to retain their current holdings in accordance to the peace proposed by the invaders after the fall of Duro.

Senator Shesh, acting as a Yuuzhan Vong double agent, lead the support for the Peace Bill; however, actions taken by her office against the Solos led to her public disgrace and helped to win discredit for the cause. Leia Organa Solo brought to the New Republic's Corruption Panel attention to links between the traitorous CorDuro Shipping and mercenaries paid to assassinate the Solo couple.

The bill was voted down by the New Republic Senate two to one, but marked the increase in anti-Jedi sentiment. Had it been passed, it would have been the first time the Republic (both Old and New) would have yielded to outside aggression and would have in reality achieved nothing due to a subtle nuance of the Yuuzhan Vong. In Yuuzhan Vong, peace meant submission.



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