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Peace mission to Almath

The peace mission to Armath comes under attack.

Circa 15 BBY,[1] Zell, an ambassador from the planet Majoor, led a peace mission to the planet Armath.[2] However, the mission was curtailed when Zell's own son, Llez, freed the pirate Reddjak from the Majoor penitentiary[3] out of a romantic notion of piracy;[1] upon learning that his benefactor was the son of the ambassador, Reddjak decided to ambush Zell's fleet of starships.[4] Nevertheless, the timely intervention of the droids C-3PO and R2-D2, hired by Zell to watch Llez in his absence, along with Zell's own confrontation of the pirates, led to Reddjak's recapture and allowed the mission to Armath to continue.[5]



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