The Pearl's Girl was a hoverbarge serving as flagship of the Ravagers pirate gang. It was used as their headquarters together with their cove in Raider's Cove, on Rishi, where the ship was usually docked. In 3638 BBY a team of Imperial and Republic heroes attacked the Ravagers's base in Raider's Cove, so many pirates boarded the Pearl's Girl, trying to leave the planet surface, but the team managed to board the ship before the take off.

Aboard they faced the Chief Engineer Torque, who was defending engine room. The Wookiee tried to destroy engine controls around him, in order to kill the invaders, but they were faster than him and managed to kill him. When the heroes reached the aft deck, other Ravagers ships started to hit the Pearl's Girl, seeing it compromised. The droid Blaster and his maker Master tried to stop the invaders, but they failed and were deactivated.

Returning inside the ship, the heroes arrived to command bridge, where Coratanni and her pet Pearl had a last attempt to kill the heroes. When both the captain and the best were seriously injured, they left the bridge in an escape pod and reached another room. There Coratanni died, while Ruugar, who had asked the team to clear the Ravagers's cove, betrayed them. He was killed, and the heroes definitely left the Pearl's Girl, landing on a small island. The ship crashed on the sea, destroyed by flames.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Pearl's Girl appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic Operation "The Ravagers" as background of the second half of the quest. Its name is taken from Pearl, Coratanni's pet.


Notes and referencesEdit

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